Logistics center will be built in Trabzon!

Governor of Trabzon Recep Cranberry, said that Turkey is a very important step 2023 of logistics centers to achieve the target.
Recep Kızılcık, organized by Garanti Bank at Novotel and talked about the future of Trabzon as a logistics trade center, 'Anatolia SohbetHe gave information about the logistics center planned to be established in the province in the speech he gave at the meeting.
Noting that they are preparing to present a report to Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan explaining why the logistics center should be in Trabzon, Kızılcık said, “The logistics center is very important in the globalizing world for goods and services to tour the world more effectively in a shorter time. I think logistics centers are an important step for our country to reach the 2023 vision. " said.
Stating that Trabzon is in a much more advantageous position than Rotterdam, Bremen and Hamburg due to its geographical location, Governor Kızılcık continued his speech as follows: “The ship leaving Hong Kong and Shanghai will reach Bremen or Hamburg Port within 40 to 45 days. Coming to. 30 percent of the cargo from there is delivered by road or rail, and 70 percent by road network to Moscow and Budapest. The distribution of this long distance is made to all of Europe from Rotterdam, Bremen and Hamburg. However, our country is in a more advantageous position than these in every respect. The ship departing from Hong Kong and Shanghai arrives at the ports of Mersin-Tekirdağ and Trabzon in 30–35 days. Products are also distributed through the logistics centers there.
Before this step, the Governor Kızılcık emphasized that the Trabzon-Erzincan railway connection must be made.
Garanti Bank's Deputy General Manager Nafiz Karadere stated that Trabzon has an important potential in terms of its location. Karadere, "A great success with 2011 billion dollars export in 1,1, has made an important development by increasing the foreign trade volume of Trabzon 10 times in the last 6 years." he spoke.
In addition to the Governor Recep Kızılcık, the Mayor of Trabzon, Dr. Orhan Fevzi Gümrükçüoğlu, Trabzon Police Chief Ertan Yavaş, Trabzon Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Suat Hacısalihoğlu, Garanti Bank Assistant General Manager Nafiz Karadere and panelists and invitees attended.

Source: F5 News

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