There is no logistics center in Trabzon

Although the port city of Trabzon is geographically close to Russia and Turkic Republics, it has not been able to bring its foreign trade volume to the desired levels with these countries.
Trabzon exports have been going back significantly in the last period. Mini-digit increases in foreign trade are not reflected in the city economy. Unemployment and applies to Turkey Trabzon photo in income distribution.
The way out to Trabzon is very; but it is important to be able to put into practice. The Eastern Black Sea Exporters' Union has put in two beautiful projects that I care about and I want everyone to care about.
In order to provide variety in the market, 100 launched the study to increase the level of exports to XNUMX in the short term.
We would like to follow up these projects of the Exporters Union. We want to come to Logistics Center. The Exporters Union, which puts forth the Hong-Kong example, prepared a report to the Parliament, which will be opened in October, to resolve the legal presses as soon as possible.
In order to realize the Logistics Center, the requirements of the international legal system must be fulfilled. At this point the task of the capital.
LOGISTICS CENTER chart in savsaklamayıntürkiye does not allow foreign powers to lift our heads through terrorism, to consume energy inside doing our utmost.
When Trabzon made a transgression in Iran and in the early stages of the Russian market, trade in these areas shifted to other cities. Exports from Trabzon port have shifted to Samsun.
Logistics center move is a project that will pave the way for Trabzon. This project may be one of the most important legacies to be left to future generations.
The development of Trabzon exports is East Asia. A market like Russia is right next to us. While every country is trying to sell goods to Russia, we cannot benefit from the blessings of a country next to us.
Economic development will prevent unemployment, terrorism and bad social events.
When the Great Wall of China, against the Turks today, we can not trade with this country. Investor and place are ready in logistics center.
A power that realizes the logistics center is considered to have fulfilled its mission in the Eastern Black Sea ring in the 2023 vision.
The logistics center will not only feed Trabzon but also the ports of Rize and Artvin. The shipyard is not attractive, and the idea of ​​Logistics Center stands out. Logistic Center is not a project to be thrown into the public by discussing the sound bomb, but let's not ignore this project, let's build the future together.

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