Be the logistics center of Trabzon, Black Sea basin

Trabzon, one of the important export gates of the Black Sea Basin, wants to be a regional logistics center to increase its exports by 10 by 4 over the years.
Noting that a report has been prepared to be presented to Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, business circles demand that the Black Sea transportation ring corridor interrupted in Abkhazia for the next 10 year to increase the export of Trabzon by 4. Businesses who are waiting for the implementation of alternative port projects in order to eliminate the negative effects of Russia's closed ports on the city economy think that there is a need for future strategies for Trabzon's relations with the countries of the region.
Organized jointly by Garanti Bank and Dünya Newspaper, Garanti Anadolu SohbetThe 82nd edition was held in Trabzon. The meeting, in which the problems of Trabzon were discussed, was held in Trabzon Novotel Maçka Suite Meeting Hall, under the moder leadership of DÜNYA Newspaper Editor-in-Chief, Osman Arolat. Within the scope of the meeting, a panel on 'Current Evaluation on Hazelnut' was held.
Trabzon Chamber of Commerce and Industry President M. Suat Hacisalihoglu, the recent developments in the world in the broad sense of Eurasia, the Black Sea basin in the regional sense, the Caucasus countries in the narrow sense of the economic opening of the next decade for the next ten years by making the market, stating that Su trade and economy tends to shift to these regions. In the Middle East, the losing contracting sector turned to the Eurasian market. This is creating an important starting point for Trabzon, bir he said.
Hacısalihoğlu stated that international organizations that will affect the future of Trabzon with its neighboring countries will shape the future expectations of 10. X 10 annual targets of Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization were accepted as ecek Vision 2020 Trabzon. Trabzon's 10 annual strategy was determined in line with these targets aimed at cooperation in many fields such as trade, transportation, energy, communication, science, technology, tourism and education. Trabzon, which owns 4 billion capital, 4 billion credits and 1 billion dollars of exports, should increase these numbers to at least 10 levels in the next 4 year strategy. The Black Sea transport ring corridor should be completed in the coming 10 year. The corridor, which was interrupted especially in Abkhazia under the embargo, is the biggest obstacle to the rights of the people in the region.
Governor of Trabzon Recep Kizilcik, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that the logistics center should be a report explaining why they should be in Trabzon, said: anlat Trabzon Municipality, Trabzon Chamber of Commerce, Karadeniz Technical University and we have examined the major logistics centers in Europe. The ship 40-45 from Hong Kong and Shanghai comes to Bremen or Hamburg Harbor. Our country is far more advantageous in all respects than Rotterdam, Bremen, Hamburg, where such a long distance has been distributed throughout Europe. As long as we believe in this vision. The ship from Hong Kong and Shanghai comes to the Mersin-Tekirdağ and Trabzon ports in the 30-35 days and is distributed from the logistics centers there. However, Erzincan railway connection should be made to Trabzon Ancak.
To turn Trabzon into a tourism destination and to create an alternative tourism city of Trabzon, the Eastern Black Sea Tourism Master Plan is prepared to transfer the Cranberry, dahil including the province of 8 including Bayburt with this plan to enter the coast of Samsun from the highland to the coastal road from the Batumi to reach the target. We increased introductions to Arab and Far East countries. We are in contact with Turkish Airlines and private companies for direct airplane flights from Trabzon to Trabzon. In terms of congress tourism, we started to work with 2 stars and 5 star hotels. The allocation of the parcel of Beşikdüzü OSB has been completed. In addition, the active OS is Arsin OSB and the foundation is under construction with.
Mayor of Trabzon Orhan Fevzi Gümrükçüoğlu stated that they planned the city's future as a municipality and said, belediye We set off with the 61 project. Within the scope of urban transformation, we organized Zağnos Valley and its surroundings. There is an urban transformation project of Çömlekçi and his circle, which we started to demolish. The organization of the tannery environment was approached to the end. Erdoğdu Road, urban transportation master plan, such as ongoing projects, "he said. Customs, sea and air transportation in Trabzon, drawing attention to the Customs Customs, missing the work of the railway, he said. Noting that Trabzon's main goal is to become a tourism destination, Gümrükçüoğlu said,, We aim to be Trabzon's information city, logistics intersection and trade center. In order to improve the accommodation facilities, we are also working on increasing the number of 5 star hotels. Trabzon transportation, lodging, in terms of climate and security one of the major cities in Turkey. With infrastructure and superstructure projects, we have turned Trabzon into a favorite city of investors. Eler

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