Tire OSB president Metin Akdaş is the first suitor to the train

Tire OSB President Metin Akdaş said, “Tire suits such an investment. We are ready to provide any support to the Chinese wagon giant CRS. ”
prepared to invest about $ 500 million Chinese giant wagon CSR Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive in Turkey Aegean industrialists embraced. Industrialists and organized industrial zone managers who invited the Chinese firm, which has a shuttle between Izmir, Ankara and Bursa, to Izmir, announced that they are ready to provide all kinds of support for investment. Industrialists announced that the biggest task fell on local governments. Metin Akdaş, Chairman of Tire Organized Industrial Zone, stated that they contacted the Chinese a while ago and said, “Tire suits such an investment. We are ready for any kind of support. We have enough land for them. ”
Chinese firm to open office in Izmir, Turkey engaged in various negotiations to replace investment in creating great hope, the Chinese wagon launched a campaign to persuade the giant investment in Izmir. The Izmir Development Agency, of which İzmir Governor Cahit Kıraç is the Chairman of the Board of Directors, continues his contacts to convince the company. Ender Yorgancılar, President of the Aegean Region Chamber of Industry (EBSO), said that the most ideal investment place for the Chinese company is Izmir. Expressing that İzmir has a large number of investment-ready organized industrial zones, Yorgancılar said, “Our port, logistical advantages, qualified workforce, university and industry cooperation will make this investment more advantageous. We will do whatever it takes to attract this investment. As Aegean industrialists, we are ready to provide all kinds of support. ”
The EBSO Assembly Chairman Mehmet Tiryaki, noting that with the road transport mainly in Turkey, the importance given to the government of the railway that allows for new investments, he said. Noting that Turkey Tiryaki come forward in the Aegean in new investments, "Today difficult to find land in the Sea of ​​Marmara, labor expensive. However, there are both land and qualified workforce in İzmir. It is a great advantage that our port is close to investment areas. In this way, the investment addresses the EU market. The interest of İZKA, local administrations and non-governmental organizations in such investments is also a great chance for İzmir. Of course, being advantageous is not enough. All kinds of investments go through dialogue and persuasion. Effort is required, ”he said.
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Adnan Saka, Vice President of Aliağa Organized Industrial Zone and President of Aliağa Chamber of Commerce, said that the Chinese company once came to the region and made a review, but there was no further development. Saka said, “Such an investment is very important. It is a sector that will create movement especially with the input, output, export and import of rail system investments. We do whatever it takes, whatever it takes. We should discuss and own this investment together with the institutions. ”
Metin Akdaş, Chairman of Tire Organized Industrial Zone, stated that they contacted the Chinese a while ago and said, “But we have not had a meeting recently. It is our joy that such a company prefers us. Tire OSB is one of the 5 organizations that pass the railway. Tire suits such an investment. The biggest customer of the company is Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. The municipality must make every effort it can. We are ready for any kind of support. We have enough land for them. "There is land ready for investment of 1 million square meters," he said.
Kemalpasa Organized Industrial Zone Chairman Kamil Porsuk said, “We cannot do much because we do not have the land we have. But if the company thinks to invest in our region, the peasants may have land. We act quickly on zoning and other issues. Making this investment in the Aegean brings with it the development of the supplier industry. OIZ presidents and local governments should do their best. ”
Chinese textile giant looking for space
While efforts have been intensifying to attract the Chinese wagon manufacturer CSR to Izmir, it has been learned that a very large Chinese textile company, whose name has not been announced, has been researching for investment in the Aegean Region. It turned out that the officials of the Prime Ministry Investment Support and Promotion Agency directed the officials of the Chinese textile giant, whose name was kept secretly, to Denizli and then to İzmir. It was learned that the Chinese who met with the organizations of the business world and textile manufacturers in Denizli later examined the Tire Organized Industrial Zone. It is stated that the Chinese are planning to export from Aegean to European countries.

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