Nostalgic Tram Line Project Planned to Be Built in Karaman Has Ended


Karaman Mayor Kamil Uğurlu, nostalgic tram between the two squares in the city to come to an end, said: teki The trolley's wagons will be taken from the Netherlands. Rails will be made in Karabük with our own facilities and we will model Antalya as an example. Yap
The nostalgic tram project, which will connect the two newly built squares in order to bring modern urbanism to Karaman, has come to an end. In the tram project called 'City Furniture', 5 kilometers long rails will be laid between the two newly built squares. Karaman Mayor Kamil Uğurlu stated that they examined the nostalgic trams serving in many cities such as İstiklal Street in Istanbul and Konyaaltı Street in Antalya one by one and said, “There is no traffic problem in Karaman. We think of it as 'City Furniture', ”he said.
President Uğurlu stated that they will establish workshops and hangars in Karaman for the nostalgic tram. Aman The wagons will come from the Netherlands. We'il get the wagons per kilo, for the price of scrap. The 30 wagon is considered. We will build the rails in Karabük. As a model we will take the example of Antalya. Project, itinerary and transportation master plan ready. Nostalgic wagons are maintained continuously and the rails are installed according to these wagons is never a problem, ları he said.

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