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Istanbul Governor Hüseyin Avni Mutlu said in an interview with the Istanbulum Newspaper, “I am proud because I am the governor of a city like Istanbul, the queen of cities. As a civilization capital, Istanbul has a very special place in the world. Istanbul, which has been a cradle to many civilizations, has hosted many different civilizations for centuries and is still one of the most colorful cities in the world that still contains many different cultures. While walking on the roads, we are talking about an enormous world city where you can come across the legacy of the ancestor, view two continents at the same time, and reach the modern world bounties at the same time with the texture of history. Here is my Istanbul; "It is a city with its roots, history and past, and with its branches and leaves, looking at the modern world."
Underlining that their aim is to make Istanbul a financial center, Mutlu said, “Istanbul is a city with great energy and it is our“ Pride City ”. One of the few cities in the world. We hope to put our city, which is the 26th largest city, in the top 2023 by 10, compared to the cities that empower their countries. One of our most important future goals for Istanbul, which surpasses all cities such as London, New York, Paris with its import potential, is to turn this big city into a 'Financial Center'. In addition to our financial and industrial goals, development and progress will continue in our other elements that should not be neglected and will feed and further develop this big city. Tourism is one of them. Culture, arts and the environment are also among these elements. ”
Stating that the security measures against terrorist incidents in Istanbul have increased to a high level, Mutlu said, “Today, many of our police officers work in crowded places. They collect intelligence against terrorist incidents. As a result of their work, we are doing very successful operations. ”
Underlining that one of their goals is to ensure safe and fast transfer in traffic, Mutlu said, “This is the ideal of all of us. You know about the investments made on this subject in Istanbul. I will not count these individually. Marmaray will greatly relieve traffic. Tunnel crossing etc. studies continue. The 3rd Bridge tender was held, the bridge will be built in a few years. New subway lines have been tendered and will be realized towards 2015. Metro lines, currently 85 km in Istanbul, will exceed 259 km. We have a few more years about this distressed picture. But traffic is a common culture area, that is, we have to take this by collectively. We should all be in a better solidarity with each other in this regard, we need to make the infrastructure better. ”
Noting that nearly 60 percent of the public investment allocated to Istanbul is spent on the transportation infrastructure, Mutlu said, “The share of maritime transport in Istanbul is four percent. Why four percent? They should step in as alternative routes and mobilize all our resources more. ”
Mutlu, who also counted the steps taken for the earthquake, said: “In our Istanbul, 2 trillion 700 billion lira resources have been transferred from the Istanbul Provincial Special Administration to the Istanbul Coordinator for Reducing Seismic Risk and Emergency Preparedness Project (ISMEP). We use this resource extensively to improve public building stocks, demolish and rebuild. 1 trillion 610 billion liras of this resource turned into investment. We want to eliminate rotten building stocks and improve them. We have done the feasibility of 2500 of about 1892 public buildings. So we took your x-ray. Of these, we have especially completed the feasibility of our schools. We strengthened our 790 buildings. 579 of them are schools. Others are hospitals and different public institutions. We destroyed our 194 buildings. We have completely built new buildings. Thus, we are trying to strengthen our feasibility studies with our existing resources in Istanbul. I can easily say that more than 90 percent of public buildings in Istanbul, including the works we have started, are absolutely ready for earthquakes. We are absolutely sure of our children from our schools. There are buildings that we need to improve in our stocks. These buildings are areas where there is no earthquake risk. They are the northern parts of Istanbul. As we started our operations, we went to the north starting from the high risk sections. We see buildings that are outside 90 percent safe. We also create a Disaster Management Center in Hasdal and Tuzla. As of the end of this year, we will have opened the Hasdal service as a new disaster management center. We are continuing an important work in Tuzla Akfırat. We hope to put this into service as of August 2013 ”.
Mutlu, who also gave information about the Istanbul Agency, said: “We need to use technology better by making new breakthroughs. With this awareness, he launched the Istanbul Agency as a project. Our agency, which started to work with the website, reaches 15 thousand subscribers with its monthly newspaper, and it fulfills an important function by reaching people all over the world with the tablet application in which the number 4 is prepared. The Istanbul Agency is increasing its importance day by day on this road that we set out with the aim of learning the most accurate information about this precious city. In addition, our agency provides an important service to local media. More than 500 local media, both inside and outside Istanbul, use the news of the Istanbul Agency quickly and use it ”.
Noting that they are working together in order to overcome small problems in the transition period in education, Mutlu said, “The number of children who start the first year every year in Istanbul is over 200 thousand. Last year, 222 thousand students started education. After this year's legal change, 260.000 more of our children enrolled in schools. All necessary measures were taken for the new education period in all these schools. Of course, minor adaptation problems can be experienced in the transition process, but we are working together to overcome them. ”
Mutlu said, “It is difficult to manage such a city with such a different dynamic, large population and such a strong locomotive when we look at our country. And it is very different from the provinces I worked in. However, my 28 years of professional life and the experiences I have gained in many different provinces and my belief that I have been fed by the people in my provinces have given me a great energy in fulfilling this challenging and great duty. ”

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