Tender Registration Number: 2012 / 112499
1 - Administration
a) address: KADI BURHANETTIN MAH. 58059
b) telephone and fax number: 3462251818 / 1708 - 3462235051
c) e-mail address (if any):
2 - The nature, type and quantity of the goods subject to the tender: 1764 Items According to the Technical Specification No. 6 and Technical Drawings
3- Tender / Qualification Evaluation:
a) Location: TÜDEMSAŞ General Directorate-SİVAS
b) Date and time: 20.09.2012 - 14: 00
4 - Requirements for participation in the tender and the required documents and the criteria to be applied in the assessment of competence:
4.1. Terms and conditions for participating in the tender:
4.1.1. The Chamber of Commerce and / or Industry or the relevant Chamber of Tradesmen and Craftsmen, as required by the legislation; In case of real person, the first announcement or tender date taken within the year taken in, according to the Chamber of Commerce and / or Industry or related Chamber of Tradesmen and Craftsmen registered document indicating that, In the event of being a legal person, the document which indicates that the legal entity is registered to the room from the Chamber of Commerce and / or Industry,
4.1.2. Signature declaration or signature circular indicating that it is authorized to bid; In case of a real person, then notarized signature Declaration, Indicates the latest status indicating the legal status of the legal entity with the partners, members or founders of the legal entity according to its relevance. The Trade Registry Gazette does not have all of this information in a Trade Registry Gazette. documents indicating the issues and notarized signature circular of legal entity,
4.1.3. The form and content of the tender letter set out in the Administrative Specifications,
4.1.4. Temporary guarantee, whose form and content are determined in the Administrative Specification,
4.1.5. The bidders shall submit the part of the tender which the subcontractors are considering to purchase in the annex of the tenders.
4.1.6. If the document submitted by the legal entity to show the work experience belongs to the partner who has more than half the share of the legal entity, it shall be held after the first announcement date by the trade registry offices in the chamber of commerce and industry or by the certified public accountant or the public accountant. the document conforming to the standard form, indicating that this condition has been maintained continuously for the past one year.
4.2 - Professional and Technical Qualification Documents and Criteria
4.2.1- Work experience documents and capacity report
Tenderers shall not be less than% 20 of the offered price and shall demonstrate work experience related to the subject matter of the tender or similar works. Steel construction work (annually 20 capacity), Sandblasters (at least 1 facilities per year) (At least one 5 machine per year), Robotized Sandblasting Plant (at least 1 plant per year) will present production capacity report in production capacity.
It is sufficient to present one of these two documents.
4.2.2 - Documents on quality and standardization of products
Bidders shall submit ISO 9001 Quality Management System certificate.
4.3- Works to be accepted as similar work in this tender:
Steel Construction Workers, Sandblasting Plant Makers, Mechanical Engineers (Metal Shavings)
5. The most economically advantageous tender will be determined on the basis of price.
6. All domestic and foreign tenderers who meet the qualification criteria will be eligible to participate.
The tender shall be applied to all domestic and foreign tenderers and the price advantage shall be applied at the rate of% 15 in favor of the domestic tenderers offering goods / items accepted as domestic goods within the framework of the principles determined by the Public Procurement Authority.
7. Display and purchase of the tender document
7.1. The tender document can be seen at the address of the administration and can be purchased at the same address for 50 Turkish Lira.
7.2. Those who are required to submit bids to purchase the tender document.
8. Bids can be delivered by hand to TÜDEMSAS General Directorate SİVAS until the date and time of the tender and can be sent to the same address by registered mail.
9. The tenderers shall submit their bids on the bid unit prices for the item items. As a result of the tender, the unit price contract shall be signed over the total price calculated as a result of the product price of the tenderer and the unit price.
In this tender, shall be submitted for the whole work.
10. Tenderers shall submit a bid bond of the amount determined by the tenderers, but not less than% 3.
11. The validity period of the bids is 90 (Ninety) calendar days from the date of the tender.
12. The tender cannot be submitted as a consortium.
13. 1 will be delivered within the year following the material start date.
14. This tender is not subject to the Law 4734 except for the prohibition clauses and the prohibition clauses.
15. Tender document can be seen on the internet address.
16. This facility will be obtained from 2012 year investment allowance and VAT exemption will be used within the scope of 05.04.2012 date 25146 of the Ministry of Economy, General Directorate of Incentive Implementation and Foreign Capital.

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