Tender Announcement: Fast Road Renewal Machine with Travers Tebdili

TCDD Auctions and tender results
TCDD Auctions and tender results

7. Regional Procurement Commission for Procurement of Goods and Services
Tender Responsible: Enver Timurboğa
Auction Manager Phone: 02722137621 / 4309
Tender Manager Fax: 02722141943
Announcement Date: 03.09.2012 00: 00: 00
Ihale Tarihi:25.09.2012 00:00:00-14/30
Condition: 100 TL
Tender Method: Open Tender
Tender Subject: Service Receipt
Registration No: 2012 / 120201
Mail: tcddihalekomisyonuafyon@tcdd.gov.t
With Quick Road Renewal Machine, service purchase work with traverses will be purchased.
TCDD Operation 7. From the Regional Directorate:
Tender Registration No: 2012 / 120201
The Administration:
a) Address: TCDD Enterprise 7. Regional Office Aliçetinkaya Mah.
b) Telephone and Fax Number: 0 272 213 76 21 0 272 214 19 43
c) E-mail Address: http://www.tcdd.gov.tr (Tcddihalekomisyonuafyon@mynet.co I)
1- Name and amount of the work subject to the tender:
Fast Road Refurbishment machine, wagons and machine between TCDD Akşehir-Argıthan stations Km: 258 + 600-281 + 000 22400 mt. and TCDD Afyon-Çobanlar stations 1600 mt. 24000 mt. A total of 38.800 pieces of concrete sleepers will be purchased at the railway line section.
2- The abovementioned procurement was submitted to the tender with the Open Procurement Procedure by receiving the offer from the DOMESTIC and FOREIGN Bidders and the documents requested in order to participate in the tender are stated in the tender document.
3- Offers TCDD Enterprise 7. Regional Directorate of Goods and Services Commission Commission on the day and time of the 25 / 09 / 2012 14 / 30 XNUMX / XNUMX must be given until the day or must have been.
4- TCDD Enterprise 7. Regional Directorate can be seen in the Office of Goods and Services Commission. The tenderers are obliged to purchase the tender documents and the TCDD Company 7. The Regional Directorate of Financial Affairs can be purchased from the cashier of Afyonkarahisar for TL 100,00.
5- Temporary guarantee shall be provided at the rate of at least% 3 of the price offered.
6- This tender is not subject to the laws 4734 and 4735 except for the prohibition clauses from the penalties and tenders.


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