Alstom Turkey with the privatization of TCDD will make the production and export base

📩 21/09/2012 12:43

French Alstom has whet the appetite for investment in Turkey. Alstom also announced that TCDD would be a suitor if privatized. In recent years, increasing rail and rail projects in Turkey are operating in this area of ​​the world has swelled investment appetite for the French giant Alstom Turkey. In parallel to Turkey's growth, rail and rail stating that they admire the attacks on systems Alstom Transport Europe, Middle East and Africa Coordinator Gian Luca Erbacc, Turkey 'what they see as a huge market in itself but also converting it into an industrial and engineering base, here in said they are focused on exporting to countries.
'The world is watching carefully Turkey'
Alstom Transport powers, participating in 'Innotrans Berlin 2012', one of the largest railway industry fairs in the world, answered the questions of Turkish journalists at a special press conference in the fair area. Turkey, in the region where Alstom Transport's most important market is expressing Alstom Transport Middle East and Africa Coordinator Gian Luca Erbacc of all the world's watch carefully that in Turkey with its growing economy, told Alstom grew targets. Erbacc of Turkey not only in terms of their market, beyond that, it underlined the importance of regional and large industrial center. Tenders increase production appetite In parallel with its geographical expansion, Alstom Transport, which continues its industrial development, opens its new factories in developing markets or close to these countries. Turkey is also seeking to Alstom's position as a regional industrial center company in Turkey to open a production facility for Alstom Transport is looking pretty hot. TCDD and especially Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, including other metropolitan Alstom's high-speed train and subway tender offered by the municipality stating that whet the appetite in manufacturing in Turkey in this field Erbacc is on the subject found the following statement: "Due to Alstom's strategy, new open production facilities we cannot explain about its location and history. However, I can say that, to open a production plant in Turkey Alstom Transport and completely tender as this depends on our effectiveness in our auctions. Projects can sometimes be delayed. The delay of the projects delays the production facility project. ” Erbacc, good engineers, with labor and industry to be stressed that Turkey's industrial center with all the conditions. Reminding that they produce locomotives for freight transportation, Erbacci said that they are also prepared for the demand for freight locomotives, which will increase after liberalization on the railway.
We are preparing for new tenders
Alstom Transport Turkey General Manager Faith in Arta, which in turn should TCDD's high-speed railway signaling and rail transport tenders in the tender opened by both municipalities said they played a very active role as Alstom. Stating that they want to take part in Ankara-Sivas, Sivas-Erzincan and Ankaraİzmir high-speed train projects, İnanç said that they will participate in vehicle purchase tenders in metro investments in Istanbul, where infrastructure tenders are completed.
'If TCDD is privatized, we will aspire'
Turkey's rail and rail projects in the shortest time will be representing the country took the lead in Europe and of Alstom Transport Global Tech President Francois Lacotte to, the new metro and tram projects for Turkey market, said that they expect to clear the project to explain the details. On the question of how they would show interest in a situation such as the privatization of TCDD, Lacote said, “We would love to take part in a consortium that may occur in such a privatization. We would like to be active in the fields of maintenance and signaling with a good operator in a possible privatization. ”

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