TCDD threatens the contract came to the news

It is deemed necessary to make the following description on the subject.
The personnel requirement of the 1-TCDD is met by the provisions of the relevant legislation and collective bargaining agreements, within the limits of the legal framework, which meet the requirements of the candidates.
2- Obligation to work in 5 year institution including 7 at the work place where XNUMX has been assigned in the recruitment of personnel is one of the provisions of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.
3- TCDD has not signed a contract with any of its staff in terms of legal framework and mutual consent. The accusation of ir contract with the threat in TCDD ”is an unfair and ugly accusation.
4-Personnel recruited by KPSS score and through İŞKUR, preferentially; they were hired knowing the conditions of the institution and where they would work.
5- The period of training and responsibility of a technical staff employed in railways is at least 3 years.
I would like to ask that our statement be included in your newspaper in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Press Law.

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