TCDD launched an investigation into the accident in Çankırı

A written statement was made by TCDD regarding the accident in Çankırı where 1 train worker died and 10 workers were injured. In the statement, yesterday at 08.45 at the entrance of the Çankırı Ildızım Station, it was noted that the work locomotive going to Karabük direction entered the road from the opposite direction, and that the road maintenance worker named İhsan Özdemir, who was on the road maintenance road according to the first determinations, and 10 workers were injured. According to the reported statement that the injured were brought to Çankırı State Hospital by ambulances sent to the scene, the TCDD Accident Research and Investigation Team arrived at the scene immediately after the incident. According to the preliminary determinations, it was determined that the car had to wait for a single locomotive at the station, while the Çankırı Public Prosecutor's Office started an investigation.

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Günceleme: 25/11/2018 14:03

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