TCDD threatens to work with the threat, 7 year work commitment from people who are asked to work

TCDD 7 commitment to work year is required. Early payment will be paid.
In the application form, TCDD asks the candidates for alım their associations and organizations at and imposes unlawful impositions on recruitment. BTS Chairman Demirkol, "Capital is free to work, there is restriction when it comes to work labor," he reacted.
The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) will get a new mechanic, railway workers and brought obligation to work constitutes year 7 the device operator. 7 will pay compensation for those who have left their jobs voluntarily.
TCDD, Samsun, Malatya, Balıkesir, Halkapınar, Çankırı, Afyonkarahisar, Yerköy, Sivas to work as a worker in the status of workers 11 made announcement for the purchase. 4 months will be specified in the announcement of the personnel subject to the Labor Act in the announcement. Candidates whose appointments are made will work at least 5 years in the workplace. In the meantime, you cannot ask for a transfer. It was pointed out that the personnel to be appointed in the announcement could be operated day and night according to the 24 hour basis. In this case, if the employee leaves his / her job voluntarily or if the labor law does not comply with the rules of ethics and good faith, he or she will have to pay compensation when the employment contract is terminated. The same condition was established for the 11 train constructor and 2 mechanical vehicle facility and device operator to be employed in İzmir, Tokat, Elazığ and Kars to work in Izmir and Ankara.
Candidate, in the form, where at least 5 years will work, will not want to transfer during this time, if necessary, will work overtime. In the form, the candidate is also asked to write his hobbies with the ”associations and organizations he is a member of isten.
United Transport Workers Union (BTS) Chairman Yavuz Demirkol, currently hired 7 years of work is not stipulated that there is a condition to work. Demirkol said, üs 7 year workforce has just arrived. It is understood that the personnel who received in-service training were made to prevent them from going to other institutions. They talk about the capital behaving in the way they want, but there is a restriction when it comes to labor. They say that if I come to my job, I behave like that. İş

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  1. enslavement procedure continue I ask as a machinist worker if you are going to work with 1280 tl how many people would leave the previous job wonder? 3000-3500 machine workers take 1280-1500 where do I ask this justice?


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