7 year requirement in TCDD!

In order to meet the labor force needs of the personnel, TCDD goes on sale after the planning and completes the process by forming a commission.
One issue is quite remarkable in the published advertisement… Among the candidates who started the job, those who quit their jobs within 7 years will be punished with compensation.
The State Railways took measures because the assigned personnel left the job after a while and moved on to another public office. In the present application, those appointed as workers can be relinquished and assigned to work as a civil servant or contractual officer. In order to meet the needs of the service, this situation wastes the advertising expenses, the preparations, the commissions, and the training given to the candidates. In order to overcome this problem, TCDD stated that 7 will sign a contract with the candidates who started to work.
The announcement in the ad text is as follows:
9-Appointment of candidates who are appointed, 7 4857 25 XNUMX year of the article in accordance with the second paragraph of Article II or if they voluntarily leave, during the training and training programs and internship programs by the employer about the training, training and internship programs shall pay compensation to the Institution for the amount of half of the time of the day to be calculated according to the current conditions.

Source: Officer News



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