43 personnel recruitment announcements to TCDD

State Railways Workers status through ISKUR, 19 engineers, 2 operators, 11 machinists and 11 train workers will receive.
It is required to work at least 5 years in the workplace where the personnel to be recruited. The recruited workers will work on a 24-hour basis. Candidates who will start the job will pay 7 percent of the cost incurred as compensation if they leave within 50 years of their own will.
The personnel who will apply to the engineering staff are also required to be experienced in the high-speed train sector with 6 months.
Click for details on recruiting operator: 2operator
Click here for the details of the train builders: 11trenteskiliscisi
Click here for the purchase of the engineer: 19muhendis
Please click for more details: 11makinist

Source: Memurlar.net

Günceleme: 25/11/2018 14:09

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