TCDD Eskişehir Education Center will host an international training course

International Railways Association (UIC) 10 in Qatar. TCDD Eskişehir Education Center, which is determined to be the Middle East Railways Training Center (MERTCe), will host an international training course in the Middle East Regional Council Meeting (UIC-RAME) to meet regional training needs and to improve cooperation.
In cooperation with TCDD and UIC, iş International Railway Business Course ehir organized in MERTCe and Hız High Speed ​​Committee Meeting paralel will be held at Anemon Hotel in Eskişehir in 01-02 October 2012. 1 October 2012 On the first day of the 'High Speed ​​Committee Meeting man, the experts who participated in the gün Global railway standards “, ile Infrastructure financing ya, te Infrastructure financing ya, effects on development, 'Experiences of separation of enterprises and infrastructure and examples of Europe-Spain', 'Success stories after liberalization'.
2 October 2012 will be held on Tuesday at 09.00 2. On the other hand, 'The future of railway freight transportation', 'An overview of Central Asian and Middle Eastern freight transportation', Commercial perspectives; Global and intercontinental freight corridors', explanations about the issues to be made.
The first training activities on the railways in Eskisehir in Turkey began in November 21 1896. Since this date, in-service training programs have been carried out continuously in our training unit named with different names. In 1957, this training quarry has been restructured as Training Center Directorate after 1971. Eskişehir Education Center is the first established and well-established Training Center of TCDD.
The International Railways Association (UIC) is the 03-04 2012 in Qatar's DOHA city on July 10. The Middle East Regional Council Meeting (UIC-RAME) took the decision to establish the Middle East Railways Training Center within the Eskisehir Education Center.

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