Tcdd Regional Manager Hasan Gedikli Visits President Nevzat Doğan

State Railways 1 Regional Director Hasan Gedikli, Izmit Garage Manager Huseyin Dogan, Republican District Headman Mustafa Yaman and neighborhood residents, Izmit Mayor Dr. They visited Nevzat Doğan in his office.
Hasan Doganli, the General Director of the State Railways 1 region, who gave detailed information about the high speed train project being carried out to the President, took the views of the residents of the meeting. Dogan said that he was pleased with the visit during mutual exchange and he believed that important projects related to the city should be shared with the parties.
President Dogan, indicating that Turkey's transport skip era, '' maritime, road, studies conducted in the airways we had in race conditions with advanced countries in the world. Studies are carried out with a system that aims to minimize accidents, '' he said.
Expressing that the high-speed train project carried out by State Railways continues in our city, Doğan said,, We frequently meet and talk with our Regional Manager Hasan Gedikli about the high-speed train project. In the scope of the high-speed train project, our citizens who live in the transition area for our railway will have requests and complaints from time to time. We are delivering these issues to the authorities. In this visit, we conveyed the requests and complaints of our citizens' request.
State Railways 1st Region Manager Hasan Gedikli and Izmit Station Manager Hüseyin Doğan Izmit Mayor Dr. During his visit to Nevzat Doğan at his office, Cumhuriyet District Headman Mustafa Yaman and residents of the neighborhood conveyed their requests and requests about the high-speed train project. The residents who asked the authorities firsthand that the existing overpasses will be demolished due to the high-speed train passing through the Cumhuriyet Mahallesi and that this will cause trouble in the region, asked for an overpass at another point. The residents of Cumhuriyet Mahallesi thanked Mayor Doğan, who stated that the residents would follow their requests.

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