producing CSR Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive subway cars in China, Turkey has opened an office in Izmir

producing cars used in Izmir's new metro station which is in search of investment and Chinese CSR Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive in Turkey, Turkey has opened an office in Izmir. Izmir and Chinese railroad giant engaged in the production of the metropolitan municipalities in Turkey, especially in Ankara, will manage all operations of this decision results from Izmir in Turkey.
The fact that the Chinese company makes Izmir the center is also interpreted as the Aegean Region stands out for investment. The cities of Izmir, Ankara and Bursa are competing to attract the Chinese investment, which is estimated to reach approximately $ 500 million. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu, who went to China last year for 33 wagons of 32 million euros to be used in the Izmir Metro, stated that CSR company quickly started to search for 100-120 thousand square meters of land for investment and said, “This is China during my 7 years as mayor. is the most concrete investment proposal I received from. I am very happy, ”he said.
Then Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu who visited Zongxiang CSR Zhuzhou General Manager Xu said, "We want to set up factories to produce a local partner and the whole Turkey. As an investment, I see İzmir as the most suitable city because our relations are very good. We do not have such relations with other cities in Turkey, "he said.
The officials of the CSR company had examined the BMC factory as well as the Aliağa Organized Industrial Zone. There were also talks about the wagons to be used in the tram project between the Chinese and the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality.
Among the fields of activity of CSR's office in Bahçelievler, there are research and development, manufacturing, repair, sales and after-sales services of rail transport equipment and parts. It is stated in metro vehicles it will be needed in the medium term due to 5 thousand in Turkey.
In the meantime, it was learned that CSR firm's negotiations for investment with Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and Izmir Development Agency are continuing. Company officials think that the investment in Turkey, they do serious research on this issue and stated that priorities be in Izmir. efficient operation of the vehicles they delivered both Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the Company is stated that Turkey opened an office to manage both operations.
"We are ready to welcome Chinese entrepreneurs"
Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu said that he believes that the good relations they have established with the Chinese railway equipment manufacturer CSR, which produces Izmir's new metro wagons, will have very positive results for both sides. During his visit to China in August 2011, Mayor Kocaoğlu, who examined the CSR plant in Hunan province and met with CSR Group President Zheng Changhong, said, “In that meeting, we talked about CSR needing 100-120 thousand square meters of land for investment. This was the most concrete investment proposal I received from China during my 7-year mayor. “It is very pleasing that these steps are being taken gradually, on behalf of İzmir”.
Metropolitan tender of Chinese CSR kazanNoting that he entered the European market for the first time from Izmir in a carriage, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality continued: “We received a positive response from the invitation letter we wrote to Mr. Changhong. Then, the General Manager of the company, Xu Zongxiang, came to Izmir for the opening ceremony of the Bornova-Evka-3 line and was our guest. Here he toured some facilities and organized industrial zones with our industrialists from Izmir. He left Izmir with very good impressions. Therefore, it did not come as a surprise for us that CSR established its first office in Turkey in Izmir. As the local government of the city, we are ready to embrace the Chinese entrepreneurs who are planning to invest in İzmir with all our heart.

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