High-speed train project will contribute to the development of Akdağmadeni district

Emphasizing that the high speed train project is one of the greatest services available for Akdağmadeni, Daştan stated that Akdağmadeni will continue its development rapidly thanks to this project.
Expressing that the high-speed train station will be within a distance of 13 kilometers from the district, President Daştan said, ış Yozgat's Çayıralan, Çekerek, Kadışehri, Sivas and some districts of Tokat will benefit from Akdağmadeni station if they want to use the high speed train. This will contribute to the increase of Akdağmadeni's population or to the mobilization of the economy. We are a town to be opened to tourism in the future. Sivas 110, Yozgat'da 100 is a town that is a kilometer away. There will be no problems in transportation when the airport and high-speed train station will be built. Near the village of Karadikmen, as a result of the drilling work carried out by MTA, we received the right to use the thermal water of 100 liter flow rate of 51 per second. We continue our efforts to bring this water to our district. When we bring the hot water to the county, the future of the Akdagmadeni also will be more beautiful and I think that our district will continue to develop more quickly. Sıcak He said.

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