Sivas people continue to vote for high speed train projects

As part of the Ankara-Sivas High Speed ​​Train project, the people of Sivas continue to make the choice for the garage building. 13 Launched in September and the 5 project was launched, Sivaslılar, ​​By With the internet address, the poll in the garage building makes the choice among the projects by voting in the box.
Sivas people continue to choose the high-speed railway station.
Ankara-Sivas High Speed ​​Train (YHT) project within the scope of the project will continue to be held in our province.
After the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications asked the people of Sivas to make a decision on the high-speed railway station, 13 continues to make its choice as part of the surveys that started in September.
The official website of State Railways ​​By In the scope of the survey, which contains 5 different project, the survey hall was also established in the historical railway station in our province.
The journalist Habib Soluk, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, 13, which started in September and ended in October in 13, said that the most preferred project will be implemented by the Sivasites.
Sivas, Sivas High Speed ​​Train station building project by 10 people surveyed in a while they start on his election-day attendance record as stating that a faint, said that about 2.5 million people can vote.
Iler 5 projects, which are different from each other, have been presented to the taste of the people of Sivas, imiz said Soluk. Farklı 5, whose architecture and structure is different, will put the project into practice and mobilize it as a ministry if our citizens decide on the project. Her
Solomon stated that they decided to give the decision about the projects about the building to the people of Sivas and therefore they started a survey study.
“Official website of our citizens and State Railways for 1 month They will also make their choices by voting at the survey ballot box established in our historic station building in Sivas. Our fellow countrymen will have the opportunity to examine both the station and the terminal building and other facilities in the area. At the end of the month, the information and ideas we have obtained from our citizens will be evaluated by the State Railways and the final decision will be made. The important thing is not the decision of the Ministry of the project. The people of Sivas will use this place and the people who will decide are the people of Sivas. At this point, we care about the opinions and opinions of our fellow citizens and we expect them to show the necessary attention to the survey. ”
Ankara-Sivas end of the year 2015 the High Speed ​​Rail project, or at the latest expressing will enter into service in 2016 Pale project said 2 hours will decrease the travel time between Sivas and Ankara with the passing of life.

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