The extension of Bursaray to Uludağ University provided great convenience for the citizens

The 6,5 kilometer light rail line, which was implemented by the Metropolitan Municipality and delivered BursaRay to Uludağ University, provided great convenience for the citizens.
The BursaRay Labor Line was included in the system with the 2,5 kilometer route thanks to the savings provided by the Görük line, as well as the application enabling the uninterrupted access to the Uludağ University from the Arabayatağı. BursaRay Labor Line, which includes Bursa Junction and BursaRay station and Bursa's biggest junction, Emek Junction, has been on Mudanya Road.
The work of BursaRay Gürsu Kestel, which will extend the light rail system to the east of Bursa, is also continuing. The works of Mimar Sinan Orhangazi University, Hacivat, Şirinevler, Otosansit, Değirmenönü Cumalıkızık, Gürsu and Kestel 7 stations are on 8 kilometers. The construction of the BursaRay East stage, which is currently completed at the first 3 station with a percentage of 6, is completed in the last quarter of 60 and is planned to be opened for the journey.
Within the scope of the project, the renovation works of Hacivat, Balıklı and Deliçay bridges continue. When the studies are completed, the region; 3 lane highway bridges in the north and south 2 lane light rail bridges in the middle.

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