Mayor Kocaoğlu said that the idea of ​​İZKARAY had already been

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu made striking statements about İZKARAY in the "Three Journalists One Guest" program on Ben TV.
Mayor Kocaoglu, Transportation Marine and Communications Minister Binali Yildirim recently announced that the feasibility of the project will be announced and the project will be surrounded by the railway line İZKARAY Project also spoke about.
Kocaoğlu said, “Metro, light rail system are all confused. What to do between Üçkuyular and Bostanlı in İZKARAY… It is a project that came out of the meeting held in the time of the former Minister of Public Works and Settlement Zeki Ergezen. This project is not ours anyway. It is a possible project. In the past, they wanted to make the cordon. There have been many talks. I left a meeting with TCDD. He said to me, 'What are we going to do with Kordonyolu?' I said, 'No, Izmir doesn't want it.' Then he said, 'Let's build a tunnel.' I said 'it happens'. The tunnel, which will enter where Havagazı is located, would then exit Karataş. Then I said, 'Is it so important?' Then I put forward the idea of ​​this IZKARAY. After the time passed, Minister Yıldırım explained this project to the Chamber of Commerce. It is a project that will pass both road and rail. It is the developed version of the system that I call 'ring path'. After all, the issue of passing the Passport through a tunnel was also removed. The current project is a tube walkway or bridge to be carried out in Üçkuyular-Çiğli Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone. It is beneficial for the city to start the project. It can reach EXPO, but it is a very long-running job. In other words, it is a 8-10 year project. ”

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