Rail System Cluster Demand and Agenda

railway systems kumesi eskisehir
railway systems kumesi eskisehir

Rail System Cluster Demand and Agenda: Rail System Cluster Demand and Agenda: OSTIM is a cooperative established to “provide space ere to the producers of goods and services. Today, it is a production area in the heart of Ankara where various equipment is produced and service is performed. OSTİM management understands that it is not enough to develop a space, the importance and the value of developing the quality and quantity of the works together. The idea that increasing the intellectual capacity in the individual plan is not enough and that it is necessary to improve the system capacity has been made with love and pursued with love.

Cities in our country are developing fast. . Rail system investments ”(tram, light rail and subway) are being built in cities with a population of local governments with a population of more than 500. A study was initiated to highlight the ın domestic contribution opportunities katkı in the production of equipment for rail systems. Dı Rail Systems Cluster bir was created katıl An üm evaluation meeting ir was held in various areas where the producers could participate in the system. Some thoughts came to the fore in the meeting:
Iz In standard technologies, we can increase the domestic contribution rate above 70.
. We have the potential of our country in the software, we can produce all kinds of software in a very short time.
Araç There are serious deficiencies in the alignment of electronic equipment and tools; with a consistent policy and practice.
D The demand created by urbanization in our country, the acceleration of urbanization in the world and increasing the need for urban transportation are faced with a very serious demand.
Yönelik First, ”dynamic legislation” is required for our country. In this context, public procurement and tender contracts need to be rearranged based on national benefit / cost analysis.
Iyor In the current situation, a process in which our 33 type vehicle has been imported and our country has become a complete di vehicle dump ”is rapidly progressing.
Gerekiyor Engine and drive drawframe systems lar critical production space cer are the breakthroughs that will make the existing achievements more successful.
Bir With a ı State Policy ı that takes into account all the possibilities and constraints, there is a need for policy design and implementation to increase the ”domestic contribution ik rate in rail system production.
In According to the new targets to be determined, it is also necessary to redesign R & D supports, to determine priorities and to measure the impact level ”
The comments in the news took place in the news of Dünya Newspaper yarat Since Rail Systems is a traditional production-oriented area, it seems to be one of the production areas where we can create competitive advantage.
The ir Rail Systems Cluster ın should determine its area of ​​responsibility and task priorities.
Let us review our way of doing business: Our observation in the depths of our country proves that we do not question the k method of doing business X very much. We have not reached the stage of doing business with “files gerek that embody. Credible reasons leri based on a research, report, document and information, and which embody information and ideas through cost / benefit analysis. This attitude puts us in the trap of a ”fragmentary approach Bu. Approaches to the üyor whole Sorun of the problem also suffer from reductionist perception. Therefore, the ”Rail System Cluster” should first question the ”way of doing business Bu. A breakdown of what we've been missing up to now must be under our hands.
2.Net is lacking information: The second step for the Rail System Cluster to succeed is to quickly remove the need for clear information. Which production area can we compete in? For the answer to the question, we need clear information on the resources available to us. We say a lot and write: In today's world, there are three steps to protect our existence. Have clear knowledge, coordinate resources effectively and focus on specific areas.
In order to make the Rail System Cluster a success, a öre dynamic inventory… should be prepared about the sector'n A breakdown should be made for all workplaces that will provide input and contribute to the sector. Our knowledge about the experience, accumulation, capacity and technical possibilities of our workplaces should be sufficient. Fizik If we do not have enough knowledge about… existing physical capital fizik, we can make unnecessary investments while creating new capacity and technical opportunities. Geç Clear information teknoloji is a very basic tool for getting unnecessary machine, preventing technology investment.
3.Order language creation: The Rail System Cluster is a very important step. The fact that the sectoral stakeholders act together with an experienced organization like ÖSTİM creates the opportunity to use the accumulation, consciousness and perspective of many years. This sub-sector needs to dil create common language iş in order to increase the step taken by OSTİM under the leadership of OSTİM m Bursa, Eskişehir, Sakarya, Sivas, Konya, Kayseri, Ankara etc. Our regions with rail system accumulation should not move separately. What is important is to mobilize our country's accumulations on the rail system; not to be caught in the perception of yakalan the town culture, I don't have to be someone else bu. Acting together, we must offer suggestions based on m common language ras to political will and bureaucracy to grow the cake and win it all together.
On the basis of a dynamic inventory, the more important the, objective knowledge about our possibilities and constraints den, the more common values ​​derived from objective information, the common will, the common benefits, the joint projects and the common institutions. It is the common language to explain, understand, expand, deepen, diversify, colorize and enrich all these joint efforts that create unity and effectiveness.
The Rail System Cluster makes the necessary effort in terms of ”common language Ray; if it gets effective results, the contribution of the media in particular increases. The media fulfills its purpose when it informs its function in compiling, packaging and distributing information.
4.Dynamic legislation requirement: aca Dynamic legislation ıl is one of the most important steps for increasing the localization coefficient in the production of rail systems, meeting the domestic demand, and evaluating the potential emerging around the world. There is a need for a legislative structure that fulfills its function. For example, public procurement siyasi contracts ini are constantly complaining leş We are talking about contracts that determine the address ada Let's question ourselves: Have we carried out legislative proposals, including contracts, to the bureaucracy and political will in the present stage, which concern the whole of the rail systems? Did we convey the similarities of legislation in the same sector in the same sector, their dissimilarities, the possibilities and constraints of our country, the em draft texts ları that maximize the benefit of our country and minimize their costs?
From time to time we say and complain that bureaucracy and politicians do not adequately examine and know the real conditions of the country. As the Kayserilians say, the principle of ma grieving, full ”does not come to mind. We are now one of the main responsibilities of the Rail System Cluster: We should prepare the legislation proposals to be prepared in cooperation with lawyers and practitioners. If we set out with the “demanding” perception, we will be stuck again to the deadlock that we have not survived for a year.
5.Corporate oversight and supervision: Communities that have operating institutions and which reduce deviations from principles and rules by institutional oversight and control, participate in the development caravan. The Rail System Cluster should also clarify the design of the organization to achieve the targets set. What is required to create common institutions. What will be the supervisory and supervisory powers of these institutions? How will the limits of the authorities and responsibilities be determined in order to correct deviations and secure progress?
The Rail System Cluster should make clear recommendations on ”institutional structure and functioning” together with ”legislative proposals Ray.
5. State policy: In the discussion of the Rail System Cluster, almost everyone stressed the need to establish a alarında state policy Devlet that did not change frequently, so as to change the power of the country, so that the country's potentials do not change. As observed in the development of South Korea, the guidance of state policy is very important, However, such a policy is effective when it is based on the real needs determined by those under the hand. This requires those who are under the hand to define clearly what they want.
Anlatım State policy ve is a very general and categorical narrative. The details of the components and contexts of this narrative should be clarified. What do we need? Why do we want? What is the benefit of what we want? What are the costs of our request coming? How is the balance of benefits and costs established? What is the time dimension of our demands? Do we want continuous supports, do we expect gradual transitions? Are we in favor of a competitive structure, or a protectionist perception? Etc. didn't the political will fulfill the bırak state policy proposed siyasi by asking the questions, giving the answers without discussing and giving a space?
6. Introductory need: Carrying out the work carried out in closed environments and in open environments is another component of the way of doing business. The first step of the promotion is to bring the communication between the producers determined by the dynamic inventory to the required density, prevalence and depth. First of all, it is very important tools for the sector to create communication among themselves and to inform the media correctly after a step.
Internal communication, media information, public opinion and mass support are an effective way of protecting the rights and interests of the sector. If we question how much we do our part for progressing in this way, we determine our possibilities and constraints, increase our credibility in publicity and take bigger mass energy behind us.
7. Evaluation: The success of the Rail System Cluster is very significant: First, we show how we can use our existing potentials in a production field where traditional technologies and advanced technologies are used together anlamlı rail systems can not be a more appropriate example of production. Second, if we want to measure our intellectual and system capacities in the area of ​​clear information source inventory, transaction costs and confidence-creating legislation, rail systems have a suitable production area. Thirdly, rail systems include electronic and computing technologies as well as traditional technologies… It is also possible to create appropriate transitions between technologies and to give examples of using holistic technology Üç
When I finish sharing my observations, I'll call the calcic call: I don't want to be approved; I want to try to understand what I mean. If there are any outliers, I hope to publish them in this column. I believe that it is necessary to reach the common mind, which has a depth and effectiveness, by discussing very loudly.

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