High-speed train operation divides the Mekece village of Pamukova in half

Divided into two
The work carried out within the scope of the High Speed ​​Train Project in the Mekece Village of Pamukova ruined the peasantry. Near the highway in the middle of the village next to a railroad passed. The underpasses for the transportation of the villagers previously divided by the road were closed within the scope of the High Speed ​​Train. The villagers from the village center and the other part separated by railways were surprised what to do in the face of the situation. Since the railway is not yet in operation, a temporary solution has been opened to cross the concrete curtain. However, this temporary solution is an invitation to the disaster with the opening of schools. Children going to school in the village center are trying to jump off the highway.
“No interested in the matter“
The people of the village voicing their grievances about the subject of the Pamukova Kaymakamı'nin remained unresponsive to the problem, the Governor is reacting to Tuncay Dursun. Speaking on behalf of the villagers, Ercan Ihlamur said that they convey the issue to the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications. Ministry of the response they received from the Ministry of the village and the people of the region adversely affected the expression of Ihlamur expressing, but the governor's office or Governor of the request on the subject due to lack of work in this direction said that the work was not done.
“We don't want a crossover“
Ihlamur emphasized that the lower passage is necessary for the connection of the village divided by two, lam Despite the fact that the highways have made the subway for the transportation of the people together with the double road works, TCDD has closed this sub-passage for the high speed train and pulled the curtain wall for the security measure. Neither the underpass nor the overpass has been built. The children of the people sitting on one side of the village will go to school, how people will go to the field, how the two sides will pass for their daily needs. There will be an overpass with a lift of 7 and a half meter high. How are the children, the elderly? What will happen if the electricity is cut off? Elektrik
Peasant worker wants passage
Village Mukhtar's own efforts to achieve something, but the ability to achieve voicing Ihlamur, said: ur Due to the railway work on the one side of the village can not be a phone as well as sewer infrastructure is canceled, drinking water was cut. Some people have to die for the underpass. 1 was a bridge about half a kilometer away, but the way to get there is the 3 kilometer road that is going to walk in the region every day? We want to open our lower passage as we used to. We will do whatever it takes to make our voice heard. Bu
“We forwarded the issue to the Ministry“
Providing information about the subject, the Governor of Pamukova Tuncay Dursun confirmed the situation in Mekece Village and said, “We sent the signatures of the people of the region to the Ministry by taking delivery from the village headman. We brought Mr. Governor to Mekece on a trip and explained the situation. We had correspondence with the Ministry. It is stated that the underpass will pose a risk to High Speed ​​Train and the cost is high. Instead, it was decided to make an overpass with lift. They have nothing to do after deciding on the technical issues of the Ministry. We do not intervene in the project as the district governor. We do our part and convey the discomfort of the people of the region. Üzer

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