Railway Workers Go on Strike in Spain

The unions, which opposed the privatization of the railway sector under the government's austerity policies, went on a 3-hour strike for the second time after 24 August. It was announced that more than 261 trains in total, 350 of which were fast, would be affected by the strike of the railway workers. The Ministry of Transport stated that the minimum service, which is 73 percent, will be provided.
With the government's government plans to increase the competition and quality in train travel and reduce prices, trainers believe that with this plan, thousands of railway workers will be in danger of being dismissed and the service will worsen.
On the other hand, in the autonomous administrations of Madrid and Catalonia, there will be separate strikes covering the transportation sector during the day. Madrid metro workers will go on a 4-hour strike in the morning and evening when traffic is most intense to protest that negotiations on collective bargaining agreements have not yet been reached and lower wages.
In Catalonia, there will be a 24-hour strike in the entire public transport sector, such as the metro and bus, to protest the cuts made in the fight against the economic crisis.

Source: Evening

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