Railway Work Group Destroys Village Road

Yagul Village 8. It was stated that the tracked vehicles belonging to the contractor firm working for the change of the railway line route in the bridge area destroyed the village road that provided transportation to the village of 7.
Last year 1. Floor asphalt work is done in the Yağız-Soup Group Village road, Yağça village 8. Necdettin Kovalar, the headman of the municipality, stated that the railway line in the bridge area was destroyed due to the tracked vehicles of the contractor who took over the change of the route. The authorities asked the authorities to do a study on the deteriorating road and work to restore the road.
“We're 2. The floor will be made of asphalt work while waiting for 1. Necmettin Kovalar, head of the village of Yagziz, said: X We didn't leave a door that we didn't steal for years to make the asphalt road in the Köyceğiz-Sacks Group Village, which provides the transportation of the village with 7 to the town center. Last year 1 last year on our way to the program. Floor asphalt work was done. After the study, we are now 2. while the pavement work will be done with great hopes to wait, the construction of the dam for the railway line will change the route of a company brought the tracked vehicles in our way and continued on our way due to these vehicles were destroyed. Authorities to inspect our village road and deteriorating our way before the winter months to do a moment to work and expect to do again, '' he said.

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