Railway is a must

Ece Banyo Chairman of the Board of Directors Erdem Çenesiz, yesterday in SKYTÜRK 360 live broadcasting Ece Bath's development and gave information about the economy of Çorum.
Answering the questions in the man KOBİ Compass un program, Ece Banyo Chairman of the Board of Directors Erdem Çenesiz stated that he got the biggest power from his employees, how the company developed, how he got from SME to the big league, what should be paid attention to the development of a company, the development of Ece Banyo, He talked about matters like overseas operations. I There is no boss in this workplace anlat, Çenesiz said at the door of the firm, ”We receive our greatest strength from our employees. We don't have a system for walking just like a person says. Everyone's idea is valuable. For this reason, our employees have evolved together with the firm. Fir
Çomez production Çorum'da, as a company in Istanbul, the marketing of the Merzifon Airport, the opening of civilian traffic provides great convenience, but the railway for Corum said that sine qua non. Dı An industrial city like Çorum should be reached by railway at a moment's time, en Çenesiz emphasized that Çorum machinery industry will make significant progress in the coming period.

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