Rail and rail capacity of workers behind the world countries

The establishment of the railways 156. Announcing the anniversary of the anniversary of the Kayseri Branch President Yakup Aslan, Yakup Aslan, railroad workers and line capacity is very back compared to countries in the world, he said. Aslan, "all over the country must go to the electric train, electric train line is not strong country has no future." He said.
28 Aslan, who has been the chairman of the Demiryol-İş Union since the year, said that the area of ​​operation of the Kayseri Railroad-Work Union is Kırıkkale, Adana, Sivas and some districts attached to them. Aslan stated that there were almost one thousand workers in 2 in the previous years and that the number of workers fell to 900 due to the downsizing of the public and 2 made a contract for the workers annually.
Leo pointed out that reduced the number of workers in general of railways in Turkey, the cause of this situation, a growth of railways was unable to connect. Lion, "Turkey failed to grow as the economy and population grew by railways. The railroads will grow at a rate of 20, reducing problems. Our lines aren't new. Not electric. We still use steam. The countries behind the world are using steam trains. The number of workers has decreased. 30 years ago 39 was a sector with a permanent employee. At that time the population was less, but the number of workers was high. Now the opposite is the case. “He said.
Lion, as well as abroad in Turkey also stressed the need to increase transportation by rail. Aslan said that trains are still working with diesel, çalış This is an expensive transport way. However, if the lines are increased, if the trains are electrified, the transport capacity and the carrying capacity of the passengers increase with the more well maintained trains. Nobody then chooses your bus journey. Sometimes statistics on traffic accidents are being published. There are very serious figures. With the growth of railways, these accidents will be prevented. Over the past few years, rail transport has increased from 1 to 12, but this is not enough. Necessary works should be done on this issue. Bu
Referring to the difficulty of making unionism in Turkey Lion, "but what is happening is making the right privatization of state workers while privatization? For example, visit the Kayseri organized industry. How many 100 workers are insured or unionized? X Aslan stated that there is no unionization problem in Kayseri Railroad-Trade Union and that unionization activities have been slow due to personal issues in the railway system workers but that the problem will be solved in a short time.
Lion, "Turkey should go to each province's high-speed train. People need to see that beauty. Electric high speed train is needed, without which the country certainly has no future. Ken

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