Rail transit signaling systems

Tram, Light Metro (LRT) and Metro systems
fast, punctual and safe transportation is important. This
with safety and punctuality signaling systems
It is provided. Signalization system in rail systems
safety systems in aircraft and safety
SIL4 on the Metro lines
In tramway control systems, it is SIL2-3.
Thanks to the safety provided by the signaling system
the risks to passengers in normal life
is equal to the risks.
In this statement, urban rail is used in public transportation
signaling systems will be explained. signaling
The importance of the system and new technologies
comparison and becoming increasingly widespread in the world
fully automatic driverless subway systems
The advantages will be briefly explained.
Traffic and transportation problems in big cities
solution in many countries of the world railed
the system is given importance and the problem is mitigated.
In our country, rail systems 90'li less than years
advanced. Rail systems today
public transport is of great importance. Big
road transport in our cities
traffic jams caused by bottlenecks
for rail public transport systems
investments are increasing.
History of signaling systems
development will be given, then used now
various signaling systems and their systems
forming basic signaling elements briefly
It will be introduced. Signaling systems to each other
Advantages and disadvantages will be given. Last
as the
Automatic driverless systems compared to other systems
advantages and advantages.


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