Rail System Activities: China Local Railway Construction and Investments Conference

18 will be held in the People's Republic of China on September 2012 in the People's Republic of China.
14:00 - Chinese Local railway construction and development
Mr. Zhao Jingda, Vice Chairman, China Local Railway Association
14: 10 - Shaanxi Railway Investment plan in 2013
Mr. Xu Xijiu, Vice General Manager, Shaanxi Province Railway Investment Group Co., Ltd.
14:20 - Hefei investment and construction planning in urban rail
Mr. Yan Zhonglin, Vice General Manager, Hefei City
14:30 - Qinghai province freight rail investment planning
Mr. Sun Liping, Vice President, Qinghai Xinyun
14:40 - Cangzhou local railway depot equipment procurement plan
Mr. Liu Zhiquan, Cangzhou Chengyu Railway Co., Ltd.
14: 50 -Nanjing
Mr. Zhang Yun, General Manager, Nanjing Local Railway Corporation
15:00 - Shanghai Local railway Station management
Mr. Li Shaolong, Head of Station, Shanghai Railway Bureau
15:10 - Shanxi Local railway construction and development
Ms. Yan Xianping, Shanxi Local Railway Group Co., Ltd
15:20 - The latest technology and application of the train control system
Mr. Qin Wei, Vice General Manager, Henan Thinker Automatic Equipment Co., Ltd.
15:30 - The application of new materials in the construction of local railways
Mr. Mr. Lin Min, Chairman, Beijing Zhonghao Entrepreneurial Engineer
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