Army ropeway waiting for its decision

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After the Supreme Administrative Court quashed the decision of the Ordu Administrative Court on the ropeway, it began to wait for the new decision to be taken by the Samsun Cultural and Natural Assets Protection Board in Ordu Municipality.
CHP, which was completed in a controversial manner by the Municipality of 9 June 2012 CHP leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu'nun officially inaugurated with the participation of the State Council of the Boztepe cable car broke down the decision of the Administrative Court again.
- Stopped before
Teleferik, which was built to facilitate access to Boztepe at the height of 513 which is the symbol of the city and the coast of which was laid in last summer, is connected to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism on the grounds that it disrupts the silhouette of the Yalı Mosque which is one of the first mosques of Ordu in Düz Mahalle. Samsun Cultural and Natural Heritage Protection Board was stopped by.
He appealed the decision to the Administrative Court of the Ordu Municipality. The delegation determined by the court delegation 'Teleferik 2. the foot of the Yali mosque silhouette is a drawback on the 'report, the Administrative Court on the decision of the Board of Conservation of Cultural and Natural Heritage of the Samsun' Decision to stop the execution 'gave. Samsun Council for the Preservation of Cultural and Natural Assets appealed to the Council of State in order to disrupt the decision of the Army Administrative Court.
In line with the decision of the court, the work continued and the project was completed. 9 June In the history of 2012, the official opening of the cable car was held with the participation of CHP leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu who came to Ordu.
CHP Army Mayor Seyit Torun, 2011 1 10'da passenger carrying the ropeway until the XNUMX million XNUMX thousand people carrying said that the decision of the Council of State biased.
President Torun, the Supreme Administrative Court's decision about the cable car disrupts the Army, said: ik I feel really sorry, over 1 million people have used it. Their contribution to army tourism is obvious. The length of stay of our guests arriving in Ordu, the number of tourists arriving increased. After this time, it is very sad to evaluate this in another way. We don't know how the application will be. After all, we have expert reports. I find the Council of State's decision wrong. Our administrative court had sent this evidence. The event is completely fixed. I think it's definitely a biased decision, Kesinlikle he said.
President Seyit Torun, Samsun Cultural and Natural Heritage Protection Board, according to the decision of the Council of State will wait for the decision, in line with this decision will continue the legal struggle, he added.

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