InnoTrans: World's Most Attractive Train

huawei innotrans 2018de introduced cloud-based railways solutions
huawei innotrans 2018de introduced cloud-based railways solutions

Railway transport is developing at a dizzying pace. Interestingly, when the global rail systems in Turkey as a known name always ranks in the top 10. With the operator's side, both as an infrastructure investment and with the commissioning of investments that will become operational in a short time. But more importantly it is remembered among the states that serious progress in Turkey's industrial production ... American GE and South Korea's Hyundai EUROTEM developed various rail industrial products, especially companies with underground sets as and done. Turkish State Railways (TCDD), the projection breakthrough in the framework of public institutions such as TULOMSAS and Turkey signed TÜVASAŞ locomotives and wagons variety of products to offer to the world production of rail market value of the distance that record.

When it comes to high-speed trains in the world at present Japan, Germany, Britain, Italy, France, China, USA and Turkey comes to mind. In some sort 6'ncılık well as in Turkey. It goes without saying that the rapid evolution of world transportation into railroads has brought a dizzying momentum to the development of the industry. Messe Berlin InnoTrans is held biennially and has opened its doors to the world rail transport industry for the 9th time this year. Compared to the fair in 2010, it has grown by 17 percent. In the last 10 years, it is possible to see the effect of the AK Party Government's serious investment in railways, along with all transportation modes, at the fair in Berlin. Anatolia is included in the investment projections of all countries such as Germany, Canada, Italy, Spain, China and South Korea.

Can you make the fair?

In terms of being a perspective on the developments in our country made by Turkel browse the Eurasia Rail development in Turkey it will be sufficient. 2010 companies from 20 countries participated in the fair, the first of which was held in 118 in Ankara under the name of Eurasia Rail Turkey. The second fair, which was held last year in Istanbul Expo Center (IFM) Yeşilköy, was visited by approximately 21 thousand professionals with the participation of 188 companies from 17 countries. The fair, which will be held on 7-9 March 2013, will grow by 40 percent compared to the previous year and close to 300 companies are expected to participate.

These figures are of interest in the railway sector, which is still in the investment phase of Turkey clearly reveals. However, by seeing the development of the railway industry, it is necessary to take a professional approach to the steps that will set off to organize new fairs and cause divisions in the sector, unfair gains, and discussions with the town cunning tradesman movement. I saw a stand belonging to CNR Fuarcılık at InnoTrans. They threw hand on the rail as they sabotaged the many trade fairs in Turkey now. However, there is a company that has done and expanded this business for 3 years with the support of the Ministry of Transport and TCDD and organizes the fair that will gain its 'international' identity with the third one. Now, what is the logic of a second company entering this field? Before the boat show, aviation exhibition was similar initiatives in areas such as improper, Turkey had been damaged. TOBB, which also looks at the fair regulation on the public side, should pay attention to these details.


Let's get to the Frecciarossa 1000 model, which is introduced as the most distinguished and striking train of InnoTrans. The 'mocup' of the train developed by Canadian Bombardier and AnsaldoBreda is on display at the fair. In the configuration of the train with a maximum speed of 400 km per hour, there are 4 classes, executive, business class, premium and normal. Full 2 seat capacity, 469 of which are wheelchair accessible. The train, which is quite comfortable, has received 50 orders from Italy so far. The first delivery is planned in 2013 and the first commercial activity is planned in 2014. The train, which consists of 200 wagons with a length of 8 meters, is designed in accordance with the European Union infrastructure. The commissioning of these and similar trains seems to continue to shake the throne of rail transport modes with the construction of new suitable lines. That's all for today from Berlin. There are more interesting issues tomorrow that touch the gummy. - HaberTürk - Güntay Simsek

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