Minister of Lightning to the capital to accelerate the gospel of the capital

Binali Yildirim, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, said about Inonu Boulevard, which was closed due to subway works in Ankara, ilgili The opening of the road in the Parliament route is planned as the end of October, but the friends will do their best to make the opening. Our goal is to open before the end of October. Hedef
Minister Yıldırım received the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure of Romania Ovidiu Ioan Silaghi and his delegation in his office.
Yildirim, in his speech here, especially between the two countries in recent years, the relations with high-level visits strengthened, the figures of the two countries' trade reflected the figures, 2011 as of the end of the billion dollars reached billion dollars, he said.
He added that these figures would increase to much higher levels with the development of transportation facilities between the two countries. He said that they would evaluate how relations with Romania could be carried forward as part of the visit of the visiting minister.
Stating that Romania in the Balkans at the beginning of Turkey's most important allies, from the beginning, Romania, Turkey has continued its sincere support for European Union membership of Turkey in joint projects with the European Union Romania with the collaboration of desire he said.
Minister Yıldırım, expanding the European transport network Romania and Turkey to ensure the continuing Middle East said they thought it was important projects.
Turkey's Black Sea Economic Cooperation reminiscent of that era president Yildirim, reported that they plan to perform in the framework of a meeting at Ministerial level in November in Izmir minister and invited guests here.
Minister Silaghi also noted that the Minister Yıldırım's contribution to the development of relations between the two countries.
xnumx'ünc in Romania, Turkey's exports and imports in order stated that the ranks of xnumx'unc Silagh "Turkey is not a member of the European Union's political and commercial sense, we have interest. That's why we need to work together on transportation, especially on commissions. Because of these joint projects will zoom Turkey to Europe, "he said.
- ”Inonu Boulevard is planned to be opened by the end of October” -
Answering questions from journalists at the meeting, Minister Yıldırım said about the İnönü Boulevard, which was closed due to the subway works, and said, ”The opening of the road on the parliamentary route is planned as the end of October, but the friends will do their best to make the opening. Our goal is to open before the end of October, Hedef he said.
Minister Yildirim, the election of the local elections to affect the work of the metro will be affected on the question asked:
I It was aimed to complete the 2 line in Ankara subways, and the Bıkıkent-Sincan and Kızılay-Çayyolu lines at the end of 2013. Likewise, we aim to complete the Marmaray and Ankara-Istanbul High-Speed ​​Trains by the end of 2013. We can do what we can do here, with his election being put forward.
The services are not intended for selection, but are intended to meet the needs of our citizens. Elections are temporary, but services are permanent. All my team works day and night with this understanding.

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