The Council of State decided to stop the Council of State for the cable car which was opened last year.

The Council of State decided to stop the Council of State for the cable car which was opened last year and cost 13 million TL.
The 500 2 350 21 13 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX meters from the tourist centers of the city's sea level between the city center and the XNUMX cabins cost XNUMX million TL cost of the cable car in Adapark, the second leg of the cable car, located in the protection area of ​​the Yali Mosque ' The decision of the Council of State to stop being close to the very beauty of the city and the decision was taken by the Council of State.
Seyit Torun Army Mayor made a statement on the subject, said the decision was found biased. President Torun said, ta It is located in Adapark next to the Yalı Mosque, which is located within the protection area of ​​the second leg of the cable car. We were not in this area conservation area when we were making this pole. After our manufacture, the Conservation Board enlarged the protection area and then took a decision not to make any structure here. We also appealed to the administrative court before this decision to stop the execution and the decision of the board was broken. Later, the Ministry applied to the Council of State requesting the cancellation of the decision of the Administrative Court. That incident happened right now. We are also evaluating the results. We got the necessary permissions when we were doing the lifts. Even the Chamber of Architects have complained about this area. They were given the same answer. When we put the pole here, it was outside the protection zone. The protection area was expanded after placing the mast. I find this decision bias. I think the Council of State will give up this decision. The ropeway is now licensed. There is no stopping the lift at this time. The legal process continues H.

Source: Haberciniz

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