Metrobüste Gradual Tariff

The Istanbul Metrobus system is based on 2007 1. Avcılar-Topkapı (18 Km) corridor was put into service as a part of the stage.
2009 1-3 stop and 4 stall and two-stop price tariff application 'distance-based compensation' (pay as you go) model was put into service. The first three stops were implemented in the new period. In the old system, an 3 stallor with a metrobus was taking a portion of his money back. The standard price was applied after the 3 stop.
4 in Istanbul in August, although a different wage scale has been applied for each stall in foreign metrobus applications. With the opening of the stage of the Avcılar-Beylikdüzü (52 km) phase, a fee system has been started to be applied based on 8 units.
As the application is not new and the number of steps increased, 8 was paid as much as you go.
With the new system, the steps of the stops are increased as follows.
1-3 stop at 1-60 liraya X 4-9 number of stops 2N40 liraya ‚10-15 number of stops 2N50 liraya N 16-21 number of stops 2N60 liraya N 22-27 number of stops 2 X70 Liraya uygulan 28-33 number of stops 2 üz80 liraya ir 34-39 number of stops 2 X90 liraya l 40 and higher number of stops are applied as 2N95 lira.
The descending passenger must take back the costs of the stops that he has not taken from the money-back machine.

Source: BasaksehirRehberi

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