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Avcılar-Beylikdüzü metrobus line in the month of service does not stop at the trouble. This corner remembers the followers immediately. Just a few days ago, we carried the transfer crisis on the line and the confluence at the Avcilar stop. The situation was so glaring that the passengers had anger outburst and the Metrobus had cut their way and had done the action. IETT officials said they were aware of the problems and were working for the solution.
However, the overcrowding and transfer problem still continues on this new line. Of course, the passengers also riot… However, we understand from the messages that there is another serious problem in this line. Although there is a tunnel in Avcılar for the return of metrobuses, drivers turn around the station. Everyone's heart comes to mind when the big and big buses maneuver in a narrow area. On the way back, it's easy for a BRT to hit the barriers or another BRT. But why do drivers take such a risk? IETT officials said, “Such a solution has been found for now, as the tunnel will be improved. "Vehicles will turn around the station temporarily." Although it is temporary, as can be seen in the photo, this turn is very, very dangerous. We hope that there will be no disaster here until the work in the tunnel is completed.

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