Countdown started in Marmaray project

Tunnel works have been completed. Rails connecting Asia to Europe were laid. 315 trains imported are waiting for the day they will start operating in Haydarpaşa and Edirne.
The countdown began in Marmaray, which is described as the project of the century. The archaeological excavations at the construction sites, which caused the delay of the opening date of the project, have been completed. Tunnel works have been completed. Station constructions have reached the final stage. Rails were laid in sinking tubes and other tunnels connecting Asia under the European continent. 315 trains imported are kept in Haydarpaşa and Edirne. The opening ceremony of Marmaray, which will start trials next summer, will be held on October 90, 29, the 2013th anniversary of the founding of the Republic. The Marmaray project, whose foundation was laid on May 9, 2004 by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, has now reached the final stage.
When Marmaray is finished, it will change the face of Istanbul with the metro systems it will integrate. While the rate of the rail system in developed countries is over 30 percent, this rate is still around 6 percent for Istanbul. When the Marmaray and other metro works to be integrated are finished, it is aimed to increase the rate in Istanbul to 28 percent.

OPENING On 29 October 2013
In 2004, the Marmaray project, the foundation of which was laid by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, has reached the final stage. The opening of Marmaray, which is delayed for 3 years due to archaeological excavations, will be held on October 90, 29, the 2013th anniversary of the Republic.
At the beginning of the project, the end of 2008 was determined as the end date, and the first test drive was planned on 28 April 2009. However, due to archaeological excavations on historical findings in the study areas, the end date was delayed. As of 2012, archaeological excavations have been completed. According to the information given by DLH Marmaray Regional Manager Haluk İbrahim Özmen, the opening date that Istanbul residents are expecting with great hope has also become clear. The official opening will take place on October 90, 29, the 2013th anniversary of the founding of the Republic.
Marmaray, one of the largest transportation infrastructure projects in the world, has a length of 76 km. DLH Marmaray Regional Manager Haluk İbrahim Özmen said that the first target is one million passengers a day. Özmen said, “If demanded, this figure will increase to 1 and a half or even 1 million 750 thousand.” He uses his expressions. During busy hours such as the start of work and payday, the expedition intervals will be reduced to 2 minutes.
There will be a total of 39 stations on the Marmaray project route. Three of them are underground. Üsküdar station is one of the largest stations in the world with its 225 meters length, 75 meters width and 30 meters depth. At the beginning of the project, the area above the underground station was planned to be built as a shopping center. However, due to the Üsküdar-Çekmeköy metro construction initiated by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, the station plan was also revised. According to the new layout, the metro station will be located above the Marmaray station. There will also be some regions for shopping and living space. Sirkeci station, which is the exit point of Marmaray to the European side, is about sixty meters deep from the surface.

The part of the Yenikapı region on the Cerrahpaşa side will also be organized as an archaeological park. Also, a museum construction is planned at this station. The sunken ships in Marmaray's project area will be exhibited in this museum.

Yenikapı, which is already an important center in terms of sea transportation, will become a very big transfer center in a few years with the integration of the transportation system coming from different lines of 4.

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