Konya Rail Transportation Layoffs Started

20 in Rail Transport In October, you have heard that the 14 will be terminated.
Now the tram goes to the 28 person's house,
2 announced that it will be terminated after months.
You see, something happens on the tram.
Some people are ”members of the unions ikal
Because some of them are suing.
As you all know, the tram runs close to the 24 clock.
Of course, those who work on the trams also work during this time.
They also work on remi and religious holidays.
Those who want to work overtime for their work,
They go straight to judgment.
Because we don't want a society looking for your right,
Those who have applied to the judiciary are doing their jobs for reasons of water.
110 28 is now waiting to be terminated.
In the meantime, we have learned that
He was unable to deliver the desired and expected performance.
This air conditioner installed under the tramway,
Some places have been rubbing,
The air conditioning installation is suspended.
The Metropolitan Municipality will make a tender in the near future.
Of course, that's all we hear.
However, in the tram which is the biggest transportation support of Konya,
The more wheels will squeak,
Her voice will be mixed in between the tinplates.
Is it worth the effort?
You can see the tram drivers,
Every day they are under stress and stress.
Isn't that a shame for them?

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