Objections Rejected to Red Crescent-Dikmen Cable Car Line

📩 25/11/2018 13:58

At the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Assembly meeting, it was decided to reject the objections due to security measures to the Kızılay-Dikmen ropeway line in accordance with the new regulations.
In the statement made by the Metropolitan Municipality, the decisions taken at the meeting of the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality were included.
In the meeting, the agenda items related to zoning development, transportation plan and green areas of Ankara were discussed and resolved, and one of the most important agenda items of the meeting was the Milli Müdafaa Street and the Dikmen Valley, 3. The Red Crescent-Dikmen Ropeway Line, which is planned to be built at a distance of approximately 5 kilometers, is among the stages.
It was reported that the report containing information and opinions on the security problems from nearly 20 public institutions and organizations on the ropeway route was discussed and the objections made were rejected in line with the new regulations.
The report stated that the article prepared by EGO Rail Systems Department stated that ele These hesitations have been examined and technical conditions have been compelled to be reduced and the size of the ropeway stations and cabins have been reduced. In addition, with regard to safety, it has been decided to take many security measures such as putting camera systems in each cabin and station, carrying out continuous security checks at the stations and passing passengers through x-ray devices. However, fully enclosed cabins will be preferred and it will not be possible to open these cabins from the inside. Along the line route, institutions that require high security will not be crossed. Güvenlik
During the meeting, it was decided that 26 new parking area would be a regional park, and the reports of the Development and Public Works Commission, which deemed it appropriate to define the boundaries of the Final Stage Urban Transformation Development Project Areas as the risky area, were accepted by a majority vote.
Within the scope of the Southpark Urban Transformation Project, the Zoning and Public Works Commission Report on the connection of Doğukent Bulvarı and Turan Güneş Boulevard is decided by the majority of the votes. reapproved.

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