Kılıçdaroğlu stated that the government does not contribute to the construction of the metro in İzmir, “Why are you not contributing to İzmir? In the last part of his speech, dated September 8, Mr. Prime Minister says: 'We are not looking here because the opposition has a municipality. We produce service politics by saying that I have my people here. ' This sentence is also not true. Because the Ministry of Transport undertook the construction of four metro lines in Istanbul and three in Ankara, while the central government did not contribute to any metro line in Izmir.
Contrary to what Mr. Prime Minister said, the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality did not use a penny from the Ministry of Transport for the construction of the metro. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality did not use even 1 TL from the central government and its budget for the construction of the metro. You didn't make a difference? So how can Mr. Prime Minister say, "I gave instructions, the subway was built," he asked. Kılıçdaroğlu underlined that there is a rule in democracies and that accountability is accepted as a duty when the people are in power. "We are the producers, we are the people who love the people, we are the people who use the resources best, we are the ones who do not eat the right of the servant, but we cannot explain it enough."

Source: Nationality



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