Istanbul Metro will go to Silivri

Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor and UCLG Mayor Kadir Topbaş stated that they have promised that the metro will go to Silivri and said “The project is ready”. Mayor Kadir Topbaş, who participated in the 6th World Urban Forum in Naples, returned to Istanbul with his wife Özleyiş Topbaş yesterday evening after his contacts abroad. Topbaş Atatürk Airport VIP Hall exit answered the questions of the press members.
While Topbaş gave the message that the metrobus work, which was completed until Beylikdüzü, will start the metro work at a later date, “It is necessary to wait years for the metro. We didn't have that much time, we found the solution in metrobus. We promised to take the subway to Silivri. A study is being done on it. We want Istanbul residents to get on their metro, tram and bus. He does not have to get on his individual vehicle. Just use it for pleasure, ”he said. Topbaş answered a question about the 'winter tire' application, which will start this year in Istanbul, as follows: “We have benefited from this in Istanbul. We saw the obstructive situation of those without snow tires in traffic. Prime Ministry High Planning Council made a decision. When this regulation will be implemented across Turkey. Just as he puts antifreeze in his vehicles, he should take precautions against frost in the winter. The stopping of life in one day in Istanbul causes serious trouble for the Turkish economy. Cessation of economic life brings significant damage. Topbaş, regarding the preferential road application that was initiated the other day, said, “Currently, buses are using the preferred road” and underlined that taxis can also benefit from this practice. Topbaş also stated that they will see that the application brings serious comfort to Istanbul traffic.
Stating that he was jealous of seeing Cruise ships in Naples, Topbaş said, “Cruise ships bring tourists to the city constantly. There is only Galata Pier in Istanbul and 2.5 ships can dock here. There are points we set. We have to start construction as soon as possible.

Source: The Milky Way

Günceleme: 25/11/2018 13:46

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