Gebze-Orhangazi-Bursa part of the Istanbul-Izmir highway project will be completed in 3,5 year

Istanbul-Izmir flights will reduce 3,5 hours, which is Turkey's largest highway project in Gebze-Orhangazi-Izmir Highway Project, Gebze-Orhangazi-Bursa portion was reportedly envisaged the completion of 3,5 years.
Cemalettin Kocamanoğlu, Assistant General Manager in charge of Construction, and Vice-Managing Director of Asma Köprü and South Approach Viaduct; Samanlı Tunnel Tunnel transition and construction of the construction of the Izmit Gulf Crossing Suspension Bridge introduced to the press members.
Kocamanoglu, said in a statement during the trip, the total length of the highway will be 451 kilometers and the most important part of the project between Gebze-Orhangazi 43 kilometers formed part of the said. Kocamanoglu stated that they started construction works with their own resources and gave the following information:
Alar The southern approach viaduct to be followed by a suspension bridge and the works between Samanlı Mountain Tunnel and Gebze-Orhangazi are the most important stages of the project. Considering the importance and duration of these, as well as the expropriation by the General Directorate of Highways, we place a special emphasis on our efforts in this region. We started our works with the self-resources of the company 6, which forms the consortium. Our target is to complete the sector in Gebze-Orhangazi, up to Bursa and to complete the service in 3,5 years. Hedef
Kocamanoglu, the part of the project until the time before the contract in Izmir to complete by stating that, olan We are moving towards this goal. The sum of the investment is 9,5 billion dollars with overlays. We will finance this financing from abroad. We completed the credit studies and submitted the agreements to the administration. We expect to be finalized, Sonuç he said.
Referring to the discussions about the route, Kocamanoğlu said, edil When the project was being tendered, it was already clear where the highway would go and what route it would use. However, when there are parts that need to change, we offer these changes to the administration. We are preparing for possible route changes, and since the southern crossing of Ulubat Lake has been canceled due to being within the scope of the RAMSAR (Convention for the Protection of Wetlands), we are focusing on the transition alternatives from the north. Ol
-Nebil Öztürk's description
Nebil Öztürk, Deputy General Manager for Suspension Bridge and South Approach Viaduct, said that the suspension bridge between Dilovası and Hersek will be the fourth largest suspension bridge in the world with a central opening of about one thousand 550 meters.
Öztürk stated that the bridge where the edge openings will find the 550 meter will reach the 64 meter with its rough height from the sea.
Cak In the construction of bridges will be about 160 thousand cubic meters of concrete and 180 thousand tons of steel will be used. Tower heights will have higher feet about 100 meters compared to Fatih Sultan Mehmet and Bosphorus bridges. We will start the production of steel parts of the bridge, whose design stages have been completed, in January of 2013. We plan to make the bridge into traffic in 2015 year. Total construction time will be 38 months with the design. Due to the geological features of the field outside of this suspension bridge, we are building about 1,5 kilometers of concrete viaducts as there is no chance of normal filling. After our hanging bridge, we will connect to the motorway about 1,5 kilometers long. Unlike the highway, the bridge will also be paid. Ot
Tunnel Production Supervisor Kürşat Erol, in February, as a result of the work started in the construction of the tunnel for the total 920 meter excavation work, 300 24 hour workers said they are working on the basis of hour.
Erol stated that the upper soil thickness of the tunnel found the 410 meter and üst We are building two tunnels with a total length of 3 thousand 414 meters, including one 3 bin 366 and one 6 bin 780 meter. So far, we've moved 440 meters in one tunnel. Our road excavation width will be 16 meters and 12 meters will be used. We continue our work without leaving our measures on occupational health, İş he said.

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