Istanbul is knitted with 'iron nets' transportation problem will be solved in 2016

Explaining that he will run again in local elections, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Topbaş, said ambitiously: With the master plan we completed his studies, 2016 will be a date for us in the transportation for our people.
Can you give a date for the days when those living in Istanbul will not grapple with the transportation problem?
We have finished the transportation master plans. Within the framework of these master plans, we determined the future of rail systems, subway, sea transportation, and rubber wheel systems. We envisioned a 641 km metro and rail system network in Istanbul. When we complete this, there will be a period in Istanbul where the main focus of transportation is metro and rail systems.
2016 is a year in which people in the city will be comfortable for us. Many of our lines will be finished, our buses will be completed, minibus systems will be changed much more. Taxis will also become more regular and controlled. Transportation in the city will be seriously relieved. We won't be talking too much anymore.

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