Tree cutting started on the 3rd bridge to be built in the Bosphorus

Work has begun on the third bridge to the Bosphorus. While drilling preparations continue, the opponents of the bridge are anxious due to the chopping of wood.
Xnumx to be built between Poyrazköy and Garipçe in Istanbul. the first sounding of the bridge began. For the bridge, samples will be taken by 3 separate drilling on the Anatolian and European sides. While drilling works are carried out on one hand, pine trees are cut and new roads are opened.
3. After the completion of the tender process of the bridge, the first construction works began in Poyrazköy about 2 weeks ago. In order to perform the ground surveys about the bridge, a sounding had to be done. In Poyrazköy, the road was used to expand the road and to open new roads before the bridge was built using the forest road. Authorities from the Regional Directorate of Forestry branded trees to be cut. 1 started work in the drilling tool Poyrazköy in September after the trees were cut and the roads were completed.
Geotechnical Engineer Süleyman Parlak, who is in charge of the construction site in the field of drilling, told that they took a sample of about 50 meters depth from the place where the bridge was to start. 24 on the Anatolian Side, 24 on the European Side, and 48 will be sampled from different points. Bright said the works will take 2 months.
'1.5 will go to the million trees'
3 according to a document leaked to the Green Party. 2.3 million trees were cut for the entire bridge and connection roads. Greens Party member Serkan Köybaşı, 800 thousand trees were cut for a connection road in Göktürk, and 1.5 said that more trees would be cut. Köybaşı said, yar Dozens of trees have been murdered for the project that will never work. The living space of animals will be destroyed because of the ambition to profit. 3. It is clear that the bridge cannot solve the traffic problem. kö
Remembrance of the cases, Olgun Caliskan, Member of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of City Planners, said: konu Since the beginning of the process, we have raised this issue as a professional chamber. We applied to the AK Party and all other officials. We applied in a positive language. However, a closed process has started. 8-9 was opened as a professional chamber. Some cases were determined by experts. A decision was made to discontinue some parts.. But the judicial process is continuing.

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