InnoTrans 2012: Emas Iron Steel LTD is waiting for its visitors

InnoTrans 2012, International Railway Technology Systems and Tools Fair, will be held in Berlin, Germany between 18.09.2012 and 21.09.2012.
Emas Iron & Steel LTD will be at Hall 2012 / 8.1g booth at InnoTrans 241.
About Emas Iron & Steel LTD :
In 1968, our company established and commissioned its first facility to produce flat and ribbed rebar with hot rolling technique.
2005 has acted in accordance with the principle of quality production and reliable service within the period until 2005, and has accelerated its growth in the year and established the infrastructure of the second facility. In addition to the specific profiles used in the manufacture of railcars, ALGERA and KRAPO, the rail rail connection materials that it has previously produced, continue to make investments in order to produce special sized products imported from abroad.
Flat-Ribbed Rebar, Steel Wire Mesh, Flat-Ribbed Coil Iron, (wire rod), Flat-Square-Lama-Industrial Manufacturing Steels, Special Size-Special Section Profiles, Precast Iron, Sheet, Rail, Iron Tools used in the construction of Agricultural Instruments , Special Profiles and Specific Products Used in Mining Industry;
Our company, which is located in the important projects of our country, with its widespread logistics network, trust and continuity principle, looks forward to the future with its annual history, investments, financial-institutional structure and all its employees.
Apart from our standard productions, special profile, standard outer brackets, rail fasteners (krapo and algebra) can be produced according to the technical drawings submitted in desired sizes, sizes and dimensions. Iron and steel products are imported and exported.
Railway Connection Materials Cebire-Krapo
Menot Soup and Other Special Products Used in Wagon Manufacturing
Flat-Square-Lama-Industrial Manufacturing Steels
Special Profiles and Specific Products Used in Mining Industry
Arrow profile used in plow production in agricultural machinery
Emas Iron & Steel Ltd
Sümer Cad. Nur Is Hani Kat 1 No: 2
78600 Karabuk / Turkei
Phone: + 90 370 4156190
Fax: + 90 370 4241512
Website: is

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