InnoTrans 2012: ÇEL-MER Steel Industry Joint Stock Company Awaits Visitors

InnoTrans 2012, International Railway Technology Systems and Tools Fair, will be held in Berlin, Germany between 18.09.2012 and 21.09.2012.
ÇEL-MER Steel Industry Joint Stock Company will be waiting for participants at Hall 2012 / 8.1 d booth at InnoTrans 241 fair.
CEL-MER Steel Industry Joint Stock Company:
1986 started production in Istanbul Bayrampaşa as a rolling mill.ÇEL-MER. Today, 120.000 m² open, 30.000 m² closed area in Gebze / Kocaeli region is a semi-continuous modern rolling mill, peeling, grinding and cold shooting using the opportunity to operate.
ÇEL-MER Steel Industry Inc., today is an important point in the production of high quality and bright steel. In terms of production opportunities, it is expanding its export field in addition to being the only one in its field in the country. In addition to Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Bulgaria, Greece and other neighboring countries, Germany, France and Italy, the European Community countries have been de facto exported.
In order to reduce the cost and increase the quality, continuous renewal is taken as the principle of continuous investment. Today, a modern laboratory has been created to increase the quality while reducing the cost of cold cold shots, rod cold shots, peeling and grinding units and aiming at the same time. In our understanding of fulfilling all the requirements of ISO 9001 certification, we extend our responsibility to the limits of our transport consciousness until the end use.
Our company has a customer oriented, flexible production strategy and serves to the automotive, agricultural, white goods, medicine, machinery and defense industries.

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