Innotrans 2012 Berlin Presentation of Domestic Tram Silkworm Produced in Bursa

Founded by Ali Durmaz in 1956 Durmazlar The machine is one of the largest sheet metal processing machinery manufacturers in the world with three modern production facilities with a closed area of ​​150 thousand square meters and an annual production of 6 thousand units. As a corporate company DurmazlarAt the same time, it communicates with its customers and distributors in 80 countries around the world with a "business partner" approach. Durmazlar As a machine, we make sheet metal processing benches. If we talk about the benches that we have produced; We can list them as press brakes, laser cutting, punch press, scissors, cylinders, plasma cutting, profile bending, combined scissors, saws and corner cutting machines. When we look at the sector, we can say that we are in every sector where metal is used, such as industrial kitchen, transportation, airlines, construction.

Durmazlar The prototype Silkworm tool produced by Makine Sanayi was exhibited in Berlin at 2012 Innotrans. Durmazlar We wish the success of the machine with the hope of many more innovations.

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