SAFKAR increases speed in rail systems

In our country, railways and railway techniques required for the development of the transport sector, participating in social and educational activities and manage, but also in Turkey and rail abroad RAYDEN who studies systems (International Railway Industry Association); The Board of Directors meeting was held in SAFKAR, one of the leading mobile air conditioning designers and manufacturers in Europe.
All board members, including Rayder Chairman Taha Aydın, as well as Safar General Manager Nuri Ünver, R & D Director Hakan Yaldırak and Corporate Sales Manager Emel Sakarya participated in the meeting. SD Tramway air conditioner and ES 318 SR Metro Air Conditioner were inspected and notified.
Finally, in the meeting, the tasks to be undertaken by Rayder in the Clusters established in our country about the rapidly developing Rail Systems, the works to support and develop the domestic producers in this sector, the realization of the Rayder Journal, the evaluation of the opinions of the authorities in this regard and the elimination of the rail system element deficit The studies to be done were discussed. Safkar takes part in the Innotrans fair in Berlin in September Saf

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