Tender Announcement: Alanya Municipality Presidency of cable car construction

1. The Administration:
a) Address: Güllerpınarı District İzzet Azakoğlu Street Municipality Service Building No: 58- 07400 ALANYA
b) Telephone and Fax Number: 0 242 510 20 00 510 21 11
c) e-mail address (if any): kira@alanya.bel.tr
2. The subject of the tender, the location and the amount of Alanya Municipality Saray Mahallesi Güzelyalı Caddesi Damlataş'ta Beledi-
In addition to the social facilities, Çarşı District is located between Alanya Castle and Ehmedek gate. It consists of cable car and escalator-band construction and 20 year.
3 Place of tender: Alanya Municipality Council Meeting Room
Date and time of tender: 27.09.2012 and 10: 00
The procurement procedure will be carried out by a tender procedure in accordance with the Article 2886 / g of the State Tender Law No. 51,
The estimated cost of construction is: 18.000.000,00 TL (Eighteen million Turkish Liras)
7. Annual Muhammen Rental Fee: 60.000,00 TL + VAT (Sixty Thousand Thousands of Turkish Lira) +% 2 Turnover Share + VAT
8. Amount of Bid Bond: 610.000,00 TL (Six hundred thousand TL)
9. The specifications and annexes are given by the Alanya Municipality Real Estate and Expropriation Directorate at Güllerpınarı Quarter izzet Azakoğlu Caddesi No: 58 07400 Alanya during working hours; 1.000,00 TL + VAT will be available for purchase.
10. Requirements and documents required to participate in the tender:
A. Statutory declaration certificate of residence or address for service in Turkey,
B. The tax identification certificate of the Real Persons showing the TC identification number and the legal identification number of the legal entities
C. Chamber of Commerce and / or Industry,
I. In case of being a real person, it shall be registered to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry or Tradesmen and Craftsmen.
11. In case of a legal person from an authority legal personality of the administration that the court of place where the center or track record to be registered Chamber of Commerce or the like, is da¬ that the registration of the legal entity within the year in which the tender document (the Turks in the country where the foreign entity without branches in Turkey Or by the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
III. In case of joint entries, the document to be provided by the real or legal persons that make up the joint venture according to the principles in (a) and. (T>) **
D. Signature circular, *
I. Notarized signature circular in case of real person,
LLV case of a legal person, the notarized signature circular for the legal entity (without branches of foreign legal entities in Turkey, found that Turkish Consulate or Turkey must be approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
III. In the case of joint ventures, the natural persons or legal entities constituting the joint venture shall obtain the documents they shall provide in accordance with the principles in paragraphs (I) or (II).
F. Bidders by proxy is being participated by participating vicariously through one of the powers of attorney to be found in the bidder on behalf of a notary public to provide authorized signatures (of foreign legal persons which are branches in Turkey power of attorney bulundu¬g the Turkish Consulate or Turkey to be approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the country) required.
G. In case of a joint venture, the notarized joint venture declaration shall be signed by the partners in accordance with this specification and the partners shall issue a notarized partnership agreement. .
H. Document indicating that there is no tax and SGK debt as of the tender date.
I. A document indicating that the deposit of the security deposit is deposited,
J. Document indicating the purchase of the tender dossier.
K. Total 18.000,000,00 (eighteen million) TL bank reference letter.
L. The decision of the Board of Directors in the companies to be participating as legal person, M. Teleferik Plant will see the area of ​​the declaration of the visit.
N. The Contracting Entity declares that it reads the Administrative Specification, the Technical Specification, the Draft Lease Contract, and inspects the preliminary projects and fulfills them.
O. Certificate of authority in legal persons
P. Trade Registry Gazette and shareholding declaration in legal entities.
Q. Document and declaration that it is not prohibited from tenders.
11. Applications made by telegrams and postal delays will not be accepted.
12. The Administration is free to do the tender.

Source : Property Tower



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