The Historical Artifact Army Ropeways Heaped Up

People who do not have a nail in the army until today, the army's name in the world can announce a tool by banning the Council have signed another principle. So we ask what was so important that the surrounding of the historical monuments were plundered to what extent these people are now harassing the cable car. We are actually killing the army as an army with the mentality that does not want the development of our city.
Army in the most beautiful view we will be watching the people will not be close to the army will be the shape of the army is deteriorating how this mentality is a million people carrying and to bring the people to the army is very difficult to understand where the cable car is causing the discomfort.
As a result, with the decision given by the council, the army and the people of the army has added a lot of sadness.
The Mayor of Ordu Seyit Torun said, em Unfortunately, the Council of State has overturned the Administrative Court's decision. Based on this decision, a new resolution will be issued from the Conservation Board of Samsun Natural Heritage. We are also waiting. Based on this decision, we will consider the decision to follow or follow. But I feel sorry for that. As a result, we explained the numbers. Over 1 million of our citizens have used it. At the moment, their contribution to army tourism is obvious. There were some worries that the image would be distorted. We have seen that these concerns are not very good. It really added value to the tradesmen of the Army. Our tradesmen came to the army in the evening and went in the morning. The value of the lift is added to the Army. After this time, it is very sad to evaluate it in another way. We will follow the judiciary and see the results together. Artık

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