Kızılay-Dikmen High security measure is designed for cable car line

ANKARA Last month, the reconstruction and public works commission report on the Kızılay-Dikmen ropeway line, which was brought to the agenda by the headline ş Line to the ropeway ', was discussed at the Metropolitan Municipality Council the day before.

The Assembly convened under the chairmanship of Ali İhsan Ölmez and set the route for the project upon the fact that the line created security weakness for public institutions, especially the General Directorate of Security. MHP and CHP groups, the public institutions rejected because of the objections of the report, the new arrangement on the ropeway line included the following statements:

Numerous measures taken

Iştir The hesitations have been examined and the technical conditions have been forced to decrease and the size of the ropeway stations and cabin sizes have been reduced. In addition, with regard to safety, it has been decided to take many security measures such as putting camera systems in each cabin and station, carrying out continuous security checks at the stations and passing passengers through x-ray devices. However, fully enclosed cabins will be preferred and it will not be possible to open these cabins from the inside. The route route will not pass through the areas of institutions requiring high security.

Line projection shifted

In the new line project of the General Directorate of EGO, the route has been changed and the line projection in the parcels subject to objections has been shifted. It was reached.

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